It was a sad story that happened to us in Medellín, since we had a soccer tour in Medellín in which the  atlético nacional team of Colombia vs Chapecoence of Brazil

would face each other, then in the night the news spread that in the area of ​​the Eastern Antioquia the plane crashed moments before landing. The accident happened exactly in Cerro Gordo, in La Unión town. The Brazilian team lost 19 of its players, part of the coaching staff, the board and its guests, as well as 20 sports journalists, who were flying to Medellín To play the final of the 2016 South American Cup  against Atletico Nacional. Then  an emotional tribute was paid to the players of the Chapecoense team  in the Atanasio Girardot stadium. All this was a shocking experience for the population of the area and for us who were in Antioquia.