The operation happened in the year 2002 in the commune 13 of Medellín called operation orión that marks the history of Colombia. This operation was carried out by the Colombian military, the national police and with the support of the Colombian air force, which sought to end the presence of the FARC (Colombian armed forces), the ELN (national liberation army) and the CAP The armed commandos of the town) in this neighborhood of Medellín.

Guided by the good reviews on tripadvisor about transporter medellin we decided to make his most acclaimed tour that is the one of Pablo Escobar where he crosses the tomb of pablo escobar,

Our visit to Colombia exceeded our expectations since we knew a lot of its country side and of the places we liked most was the garden called "the most beautiful village of Antioquia",

It was a Friday in the city of Medellin we finished a Pablo Escobar tour and wanted to do something fun in the evening, our tour guide recommended us a place called Parque Lleras

In our visit to Medellín we did the tour of the 13th commune, it was an enriching experience since this was known as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the city of Medellín