Tour Piedra Del Peñol is a tour to ‘the rock’ of Guatapé. El Peñón de Guatapé is spanish for the rock of Guatapé. Next to the trip to the rock, the tour to Piedra Del Peñol also offers more of the east side like: 

  • Guatapé, El Retiro, La Ceja
  • Marinilla and San Antonio de Pereira
  • El Peñol(beautiful streets)

We´ll go to the Guatape’s dam and visit several touristic and eco places. There are also different optional activities such as Jet sky, Wind surfing, fishing, canopy etc. Later, we’ll go back to Medellín through different small towns where you can admire lovely sightings.   

The 10 hour tour to Piedra Del Peñol Includes

 Pick up and drop off.

Bilingual driver/guide (on van and bus).

Contact us for more information or to book the tour to Piedra Del Peñol.

Tour Piedra Del Peñol - About the rock

guatape1 mod Piedra Del Peñol is a really special mountain located in the Antioquia region in the Guatapé municipality and close to the little town of Guatapé. Piedra Del Peñol is located in the Andes. The highest point of the rock is 2.135 meters above sea level. If you take the tour to Piedra Del Peñol you already can get a nice view from the parking lot. The islands that surround Piedra Del Peñol create a spectacular view. The stairway to the top of Piedra Del Peñol is over 700 steps! The view is worth it though, and on the top there is a place to buy snacks and drinks. If you take the tour to Piedra Del Peñol with us you can take all the time you want to enjoy the spectacular view and get up there.

Tour to Piedra Del Peñol (Guatape)