hacienda napoles tourThe Hacienda Napoles tour offers:

  • House-museum exhibiting pictures and memories of Pablo
  • Bicycle rides, Exotic animals brought by the Narc*
  • Hippopotamus park and the Jurassic park
  • Coliseum, Aero track
  • African museum, Butterfly habitat
  • Eco walk, Water park (aquasaurus)
  • Octopus and the knowledge park “Biolandia”

At the Hacienda Napoles tour you can enjoy the mini bar and restaurant services. At noon the Hacienda Napoles tour is finished and we drive back to Medellin.

Hacienda Napoles - Medellin

pablo-carHacienda Napoles is located in Puerto Triunfo and is the sub region of Magdalena Medio. From Medellin it’s at least a 3hour drive through the beautiful countryside of Antioquia. Enjoy the Hacienda Napoles tour and take a look at the 3.000 hectare ranch managed by the Colombian state. Next to the ranch there’s currently a prison.

The Hacienda Napoles tour takes 12hours and includes:

Bilingual driver/guide for each tour.

Pick up and drop off.


Contact us for more information or to book the Hacienda Napoles tour.

Hacienda Napoles tour estate 

pablo hacienda napolesThe Hacienda Napoles tour is a great way to learn more about the life of Pablo Escobar and his estate in the countryside. The estate was build and owned by Pablo and covers about 20 km2 (7.7 sq mi) of land. After Pablo's death in 1993, his family went into a legal struggle with the Colombian government over the property. Eventualy the government won and the property is now managed by the Municipality of Puerto Triunfo. By November 2006, the property ownership passed to the Colombian government and was valued at 5 billion Colombian pesos (Approx $2.23 million U.S. dollars). The goverment gave some of the animals to zoo's because it was too expensive to maintaint all the animals. On the picture you see Pablo’s plane, used for the first runs with cocaine to the US.

Hacienda Napoles Tour Pablo Escobar