Immerse yourself in the history of this mythical Colombian character, get on the cars and motorcycles that belonged to the Patrón Escobar, one of his favorite cars of the collection is a blue Wartburg of 1965, a motorcycle of the time. You will be speechless when you find photos of Pablo, the photo that was taken in The Cathedral prison with a Russian attire, the dining room where he shared with his family, photos from when he was a boy to adulthood and the poster of Medellín, also a cove to hide with oxygen, in This house we can see even bullet holes in walls and crystals, reminiscent of an attempted kidnapping. You can also watch videos about Escobar, sign the souvenirs and talk to his brother Roberto Escobar, "El osito". Let Roberto tell you the version of the story, he was an accountant of the drug empire and will be part of this tour.



Approximate duration: 3 hours.


Includes: Transportation and Guidance.