Guided by the good reviews on tripadvisor about transporter medellin we decided to make his most acclaimed tour that is the one of Pablo Escobar where he crosses the tomb of pablo escobar,

the place where he was assassinated, the pablo escobar neighborhood and monaco building as part of this tour We asked as an extra to know the story of Griselda blanco better known as "the black widow" or "the godmother of cocaine" was a well-known Colombian drug trafficker, her alias id due to her participation in drug-related violence called "Cocaine Cowboys Wars" that affected the city of Miami from the mid-1970s until the early 1980s. We met her tomb that is located in the same cemetery as the tomb of Pablo Escobar and also visited the Antioquia neighborhood where the Mafiosa was doing business, we knew a little more about the way of life of the inhabitants of this place that is famous in Medellin for its influence.