The operation happened in the year 2002 in the commune 13 of Medellín called operation orión that marks the history of Colombia. This operation was carried out by the Colombian military, the national police and with the support of the Colombian air force, which sought to end the presence of the FARC (Colombian armed forces), the ELN (national liberation army) and the CAP The armed commandos of the town) in this neighborhood of Medellín.

At dawn hooded men dressed in military collapsed doors to pull young men who indicated that they were suspected of belonging to these groups but no one knew what was happening and no one could enter or leave the commune. This day countless shots where Heard from police and military attacking the militias from the lower part of the commune and the self-defense groups were doing it from the mountain. the most difficult years for the commune came after Orion, when the self-defenses became the authority only. Under a terrible cloak of peace people disappeared and Many innocents died by stray bullets or by simple suspicion. This event is something that is not forgotten among the inhabitants of this place and for many people still do not do justice to the issue.