The artists are trapped by the history of the capo pablo escobar, Wiz Khalifa which attended the estéreo picnic 2017 Colombia, the North American made the tour of pablo and visited the Monaco building, the cemetery where the remains of the capo are, pablo escobar neighborhood and the place where he died. The route that lasted 3 hours in which this story is told to tourists and gives an idea of ​​how the city was during this period,

clarifies doubts and  myths that exist outside of Colombia on Pablo Escobar. But what caused indignation and controversy among the high officials of Antioquia government is that wiz khalifa was smoking marijuana in different points of the tour reason why the mayor of Medellín Federico Gutiérrez pronounced to demand the artist apologized with the victims of the conflict in the Which thousands of people died.


These are places of habitual visit for the foreigners in the city of Medellín. When these places cease to be sordid places they become quiet places  that serve for the enjoyment of healthy coexistence and the promotion of values ​​or simply places to reflect on what should never have been, it is very valid that they are Places of tourism.