With the intention of covering an interview with Manuel Pérez, commander of the National Liberation Army (ELN), a group journalist including Diana Turbay, who fell in the hands of the extraditable who were seeking justice not extradition, on January 25 of 1991, the elite police arrived at the scene because they had been informed of abnormal armed activity and had a suspicion that Pablo Escobar was in the sector. That day in the morning, Diana Turbary was in her captivity that lasted 148

days, they were removed from the farm by the hitmen to run away from the house, in the flight, there was crossfire and a bullet hit the target during the kidnapping, the team of six journalists was divided in pairs and taken to different properties in Copacabana but nearby each other. However, in a rescue operation Turbary was killed at age 38, she was the daughter of former ex president Turbary and the owner and director of Krypton news, the other journalists were okay after this situation. the marks of some shards of crossfire remain in the village Sabaneta (Copacabana). Two 14-year-olds living on the sidewalk say that in the path that leads to that place there are hauntings and even appearances of the ghost of Pablo Escobar.