If you are going to Medellin there are some things you definitely should check out.

Where to eat in Medellin?

bpaisaThe food in Medellin is really good and has a rich cultural history. In most places the prices are super low and you can get a menu for 4 dollars. A lot of dishes come with avocado, banana, rice and a refreshing fruit drink. Try the famous local dish called ‘Bandeja Paisa’. The main ingredients of the dish are rice and beans and the traditional bandeja paisa is served with a fried egg, plantain, different kinds of meat, avocado and lemon. Soups are also a part of the culture. If you want to try a good soup you should go to Mondongo and order the mondongo soup, it’s a tripe soup.  There are plenty of good places to go. If you want to be sure you can use this list with the best restaurants from Tripadvisor.



How is the nightlife in Medellin?

Medellin has a great nightlife scene and most places are safe to walk at night. When you ask around about the nightlife in Pablado people will tell you about Parque Lerras for sure. Don’t expect a park with a lot of nature etc. it’s more like a square. A lot of tourist come here to have a (cheap)drink and chat before hopping in one of the many bars and clubs that are in the area. A nice place to go is the rooftop of the Charlee hotel that borders the park. A little bit more to the south in Poblado you can party at Rio Sur, it’s a big building with clubs on every floor. You definitely should check out Kukaramakara on the top floor, but dress a bit formal though. On Saturdays they have live music, so bring your date and start dancing! If you like to try something different you can go to the local reggaeton bars in calle 36 close to the Exposiciones station.

cerro nutibara medellin

Pueblito Paisa / Cerro Nutibara

Make sure you go to Cerro Nutibara on the westside of the river. On this hill you can get a beautiful look over the city and take a look at the locals who come there to relax. On the hill you will also find Pueblito paisa(little town). It’s a replica of a typical town from the Antioquia region.

The metro cable of Medellin

One of the most awesome ways to explore the city is with the public transport. Medellin has an unique metro system with two transfer spots to a metro cable. The metro cable takes you up high in the hills. Line L from Santa Domingo even takes you up in the nature to Parque Arvi. Line J takes you to Aurora and Comuna 13, where you can admire a lot of street art. If you like some more art you can go to the old centre and take a look at the sculptures from Fernando Botero.

Let us show you the city

There are much more great places to go in and around Medellin. Transporter Medellin offers a lot of tours to the best places. From graffiti tours in comuna 13 and city tours to tours to the beautiful Guatape outside the city. Don’t forget Medellin has a violent history and was the home of drug lord Pablo Escobar. In the city you can still find a lot of places that are related to Pablo, find out all about it with our Pablo Escobar tour . You don’t have to worry about transportation. We can pick you up from the airport or any address you like.

See you in Medellin, city of eternal spring!