On the third day of our trip through Antioquia we decided to do the tour of the Napoles hacienda, we left early in the morning and it was an approximately 3 hour trip.

Despite all the trips I have made around the world, when I came to the city of Medellin and performed the city tour with transporter medellin and took the subway we were astonished as the city itself has been in charge of maintaining this 100% functional system. The most impressive is the sense of belonging of the inhabitants, total respect to the norms and the other in it.

One of the most requested tours I found is the interview with Roberto Escobar, in the Pablo Escobar museum, so I could not miss this opportunity in this visit to Medellín. Our tour guide Mauricio got us an interview with Mr. Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria,

The history of the Colombian cartels continued after the death of its most famous leader. Cali's organization, a cartel that was raised with control of sales in New York and which eventually replaced the Medellin cartel after the fall of Escobar :

I was enjoying Medellin and I was struck by the amount of people who wanted to attend the event. People everywhere, in several states, joined - all connected by coffee!