While traveling in Medellín, I was in Guatape having lunch before starting a tour, they were presenting the news of the day and one of the news was the expansion project with which to mitigate the impact of the changes in the level Of the dam. These construction will improve the tourism sector of this area (eastern Antioquia in GUATAPE),

Traveling through Antioquia with transporter medellin, we have lived so many stories while Mauricio our guide offers us what will be the best trip through Medellin, which was already one of the cities of Colombia and has the best experience in the coffee plantation in a village Called Copacabana.

If we talk about the fact versus reality we can conclude the Narcos research crew did their homework, but also had do juice up some parts. In the first season only some small changes were made, but during the second season there were some significant twists from the original story.

 I am excited about the subject, I read the book and hoped they would make the film version. We found Mauricio and Lina local guides of transporter medellin of this city and I realized the tour by the places where the movie was filmed with Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz that initiated the 24 of October in Colombia the shooting of 'Escobar '.

When people talk about Guatapé they usually refer to the rock of Guatapé, close to the village Guatapé. The rock is well known in the area, and an excursion to Guatapé is a must when you are in Medellin. The story goes that the rock is over 70 million years old. Even with a height of 200 meters the rock is only visible for 2/3 covering the rest underground. To get to the top of Piedra El Penol there is a stair with over 700 steps! When you reach the top you have a spectacular view and it’s possible to buy some drinks, food and gifts from the vendors (p.s. they take the stairs all the time). Next to the rock of Guatapé, the village Guatapé is known for its artistic culture. Discover this amazing village where the houses are decorated with all kind of colors, sculptures and the people breathe creativity. There are also extreme water sports and boats available in this incredible area.